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  1. Postman Pat Goes Sledging (Previously Released on Postman Pat Takes A Message BBCV5469)
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine: Edward's Exploit (Previously Released on The Deputation SL1003)
  3. Fourways Farm: Four Seasons (Previously Released on Four Seasons KC1504)
  4. Brum: The Big Town Race (Previously Released on Biggest Party Video VC1494)
  5. Animal Alphabet (Clip KC9141)
  6. Willo the Wisp: The Flight of Mavis (Previously Released on Willo the Wisp KK40002)
  7. Polka Dot Shorts: Bricks Are Heavy (Previously Released on Pardon my Garden AHE2013)
  8. Rosie and Jim: Ten Pin Bowling (Previously Released on Rosie and Jim's Big Video KTV4198)
  9. Further Tales of the Riverbank: A Nice Surprise (Previously Released on A Nice Surprise VC1279)
  10. Angelmouse and the Builder (Previously Released on Angelmouse's Big Video KTV6722)
  11. Steady Eddie: Stuck in the Mud (Previously Released on Steady Eddie's Big Video KTV6555)
  12. Timbuctoo: Moo Has A Birthday Party (Previously Released on Neigh Finds A New Home 3007401913)
  13. Diggers and Dumpers (Diggers Dumpers and Trucks - Mass Excavator - The Roller GV0248)
  14. Little Monsters: Can't Stop Now (Previously Released on Tell-Tale Tallulah VC1543)
  15. Teddybears: The Surprise Party (Previously Released on The Surprise Party VC1522)
  16. Paddington: A Shopping Expedition (Previously Released on Please Look After This Bear 905 8833)
  17. Spot Goes To The Park (Previously Released On Spot Goes To The Farm 96222)
  18. Nellie and the Flying Saucer (Previously Released on Special Edition 65012)
  19. Tots TV: The Jigsaw Puzzle (Previously Released on Biggest Ever Secret 30074 03013)
  20. Pingu: Pingu and the Gift (Previously Released on 84014)

Closing Previews

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