Disc 1

  1. Toy Story: You've Got a Friend In Me
  2. Theme from Wallace and Gromit
  3. Theme from Inspector Gadget
  4. The Lion King: Circle of Life
  5. Theme from The Simpsons
  6. Theme from Bob the Builder (Can't We Fix It)
  7. Theme from Rugrats
  8. Theme from Pingu
  9. The Iron Giant: Honeycomb
  10. Theme from Sesame Street

Disc 2

  1. Theme from The Addams Family
  2. Theme from Thomas the Tank Engine
  3. Theme from The Proud Family
  4. Theme from Tweenies
  5. Shrek (Opening Credits and Fairytale)
  6. Theme from Bill and Ben
  7. Theme from Harry Potter (Hedwig's Theme)
  8. Theme from VeggieTales
  9. Theme from Elmo's World
  10. Theme from The Flintstones

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