Kids TV Toybox Animal Adventures

Released From Kids TV Video and NSPCC in November 12th 2000

Opening Previews

  • Warning!
  • Kids TV Video Logo
  • Rugrats VHS Preview 2000
  • Postman Pat VHS Preview
  • Kipper Treasure Hunt and Other Stories VHS Preview
  • Kids TV Toybox Animal Adventures Title Card


  1. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Trust Thomas
  2. Postman Pat: Postman Pat Has Too Many Parcels
  3. Fireman Sam: Norman's Pitfall
  4. Bob The Builder: Pilchard in a Pickle
  5. Brum: Mower
  6. The Adventures Of Spot: Spot Goes to School
  7. Arthur: Arthur's Spelling Trouble
  8. Spider: True Friend
  9. Noddy's Toyland Adventures: Noddy and Father Christmas
  10. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Percy Takes the Plunge

Closing Previews

  • Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Escape VHS Preview
  • Fireman Sam VHS Preview
  • Kids TV Video Logo

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