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Kids TV Toybox Bumper Video

Released From Kids TV Video and NSPCC in June 20th 2001

Opening Previews

  • Warning!
  • Kids TV Video Logo
  • Rugrats VHS Trailer 2001
  • All Eyes On Arthur VHS Preview
  • Kids TV Toybox Bumper Video Title Card


  1. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Tender Engines (Previously released on Escape and other stories VC1238)
  2. Bob the Builder: Travis and Scoop's Race Day
  3. Noddy's Toyland Adventures: Noddy And The Broken Bicycle
  4. Spider!: Spider In My Tent
  5. The Adventures of Spot: Spot's Windy Day
  6. Funnybones: Wishbone
  7. Pingu: Pingu The Photographer (Previously released on Pingu the Photographer BBCV 5380)
  8. Bananas In Pyjamas: Banana Day
  9. Fireman Sam: Brass Band (Previously released on Fireman Sam 6: All In A Good Cause BBCV 4470)
  10. Postman Pat: Postman Pat and the Mystery Tour

Closing Previews

  • Kids TV Video Logo

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