Kids Vids 2000 is a VHS by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Staring Featuring NCH 1990 This is s magical collection that's guaranteed to bring hours of entertainment for all the family

45 minutes of top kids entertainment.

  • Join lovable classics Bagpuss, Telebugs, Wombles, Paddington Bear, The Clangers, The Herbs, The Magic Roundabout and Ivor the Engine.
  • Enjoy the wacky return of Woody Woodpecker, Popeye the Sailor, Quick Draw McGraw, Felix The Cat and Alvin & the Chipmunks.
  • Listen and learn with Barney, Revolting Rhymes, Bug Alert!, Tots TV, Anytime Tales, Jellikins, Bump, Maisy, and the Fun Song Factory.

This is a magical collection that's guaranteed to bring hours of entertainment for all the family.


  1. Barney: Is Everybody Happy
  2. The Herbs: Parsley's Tail
  3. The Magic Roundabout: Ermintrude's Folly
  4. Bug Alert!: Numbers
  5. Felix The Cat: The Gold Fruit Tree
  6. Wombles: Orinoco's Midnight Feast
  7. Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Television Stars
  8. Maisy: Birthday
  9. Bagpuss: The Elephant
  10. Popeye the Sailor: Parlez Vous Woo
  11. Jellikins: Music


  1. Paddington Bear: A Spot of Decorating
  2. Woody Woodpecker: Wild Woodpecker
  3. Anytime Tales: Two Can Toucan
  4. Revolting Rhymes: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
  5. Bump: Bump And The Talking Tree
  6. Fun Song Factory: Please And Thank You
  7. Ivor the Engine: The Retreat
  8. Quick Draw McGraw: Gun Shy Gal
  9. The Clangers: The Visitor
  10. Tots TV: Everything In It's Place
  11. Telebugs: Signal Seizure

Owners of the Shows on VHS

  1. (c) 2000 Lyons Partnership,l.p.
  2. (c) 2000 FilmFair, Inc.
  3. (c) 2000 Danot Enterprises, Inc.
  4. (c) 2000 2 fides TV
  5. (c) 2000 Felix the Cat,inc.
  6. (c) 2000 Bagdasarian Productions
  7. (c) 2000 King Rollo Films TLD
  8. (c) 2000 Smallfilms Inc.
  9. (c) 2000 Associated Artists Productions
  10. (c) 2000 Winchester Productions
  11. (c) 2000 Paddington & Co. Ltd
  12. (c) 2000 Walter Lantz Productions,inc.
  13. (c) 2000 Abbey Home Entertainment
  14. (c) 2000 Bump Enterprises TLD
  15. (c) 2000 Hanna Barbera Productions
  16. (c) 2000 Ragdoll Productions, Inc.
  17. (c) 2000 Telebugs Enterprises,inc.

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