The Isle of Kifi is the site of the most accurate nasunometer. This nasunometer is a tall pillar, contained in a covered stilling well that fills naturally as the Nasun River floods. The pillar is marked by deep grooves and symbols up its height so that it can easily be read accurately from the platform above, during Akhet. The nasunometer is tended and read by priests who live on the island.

The island also houses a temple, where people pray for water during drought. The temple is also the center of the Fath El-Nasun festival. When the water reaches 24' high, an adquate crop is assured, and the Meryt Canal is opened to much fanfare and celebration. The Meryt Canal leads from across the Nasun River from Kifi Island east to Ka Hi Ptah, so it is also a significant court event in the season, making Kifi a center of both priestly and courtly life.

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