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  • Spongebob as Allstar
  • Blossom as Casey
  • Timmy Turner as Junior
  • Kitty Katswell as Daffney
  • Jimmy Neutron as Tooter
  • Dudley Puppy as Dimitirus
  • Gary The Snail as Occy
  • Jack Fenton as Corky
  • Danny Phantom as Jo-Jo
  • Chowder as Willie
  • Mung Daal as Governor
  • Shnitzel as Dr. Galeo
  • Tootie as Smallstar
  • Cosmo as Mr. Seaworthy
  • Wanda as Mrs. Seaworthy
  • Steve Jackson as Mr. Kelp
  • Bea Goldfishberg as Mrs. Kelp
  • Mama Cosma as Mrs. Kelp
  • Vanessa Doofenshmirtz as Mrs. Wetworth
  • Jorgen Von Strangle as Grandpa Wetworth
  • Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson as SNIP and SNAP
  • Sheldon J. Plankton as Dr. Strangesnork
  • Zim as Bigweed
  • GIR as Lilweed
  • Dorkus and Pinter as Weed and Wood
  • Verminious Snaptrap as The Great Snork Nork
  • Denzel Crocker as The Snork-Eater

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