• Tommy as Woody
  • Spongebob as Buzz Lightyear
  • Jimmy Neutron as Hamm
  • Timmy Turner as Rex
  • Ed and a The Eds as Sarge and the Green Army Men
  • Bubbles as Jessie
  • Chowder as Mr. Potato Heads
  • Panini as Mrs. Potato Heads
  • Phineas as Lenny the Binoculars
  • Dudley Puppy as Slinky Dog
  • Goddard as RC
  • Private the Penguin as Wheezy the Penguin (they're both Penguin)
  • Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, and Numbuh 4 as The Little Green Men
  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz as Stinky Pete
  • Rainbow Dash as Bullseye
  • Vlad Plasmius as Evil Emperor Zurg
  • Amy Rose as Barbie
  • Ren & Stimpy as The Rock-'em Sock-'em Robots
  • Sandy Cheeks as Bo Peep
  • Mac (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) as Andy
  • Wanda as Andy's Mom
  • Yo as Molly
  • Perry the Platypus as Buster
  • Francis (Fairly Oddparents) as Sid
  • Doidle as Scud
  • Verminious Snaptrap as Al
  • Tootie as Bonnie
  • Sonic the Hedgehog as Ken
  • Invader Zim as Lotso
  • GIR as Big Baby
  • Dib Membrane as Chuckles

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