Killa's Krib
Founded: October 31, 2008
Category: Other
Threads: Over 6
Posts: Over 6,000
Moderators: USAPatriot, Killerboy
(Updated on 7-27-09)


Killa's Zone was created after the end of the Ron's Lounge and Ron Report Legacy. The old Ron Reports are still stored within the Killa's Zone board. Killa's Krib had the same basic idea as the Ron Reports for people to chat in. It was created by Killerboy who signed a 10 thread, 1,000 post, contract for the thread to see how it works out. It received big attention when the first Killa's Krib was released on October 31st, 2008 for Halloween. Since then, most of the threads seem to be released around holidays and has received a good steady flow of users. Viewership has been significantly lower then the Ron Reports, receiving only an average of 3,442 views. Starting in August of 2009, viewership and attendance has increased due to viewership by "The Night Crew."

Killa's Krib Room

The Killa's Krib room is located on the 29th floor of the AJM STUDIOS Building. The Killa's Krib room is made up of seven areas. It features a large living room which serves as the main area. Similar to the Ron Report room, the Killa's Krib living room features a large big-screen TV with a sitting area. The other six areas of the Killa's Krib are the kitchen, game room, party room, art gallery, lounge area, and the pie and chicken vault. A door from the living room leads onto the balcony.

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