In the last two or three years we've heard in the news that students at schools suddenly started to shoot on everybody at the school - for no reason, as the mass medias said, - and then made suicide or tried to go to another country. There are several bokks written about such "events". Mass media say us, that there were no reason for these students to do that, the only reason -they became aggressive because they played "killer games" - 3D shooters, like Quake and CounterStrike. but there are some interesting details.

  • First. Not everybody who is playing so called "killer games", really becomes a killer.
  • Second. I don't know if this case was real, but there was written a book about it - two guys also made such a massaker, but there were no killer games.
  • Third. In this book, and in the shure real cases, the students who made massaker, had problems at the school for long time. In one case from the news, one of the two "killers" was selected to the mister ugliest student in the class by his class "mates". Students were mobbed and hated for long time - perhaps, by their teachers, too. That's why they hated other people, that's the reason why they started to kill. Not the "killer games".
Why do then politicians, experts say us over mass media then, the killer games are the reason?
Becuase they don't want that people say - "look - everything you made is wrong and bad".

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