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One of the biggest, most active forums on the net at present, KMC Forums kick cyber rear when it comes to worldwide web chat. You register, you explore for a moment or two and then you fall nicely into a welcoming niche. Unfortunately, KMC is also home to certain members who go by the title, 'n00bslayer'. These are the self-appointed forum protectors, people who have vowed to defend the site from such trolling idiots (naming no names) as Slipknot and, ironically, n00bslayer.

Once you have registered, your first port of call will no doubt be the Welcome Forum. Here you are guaranteed to meet a wonderful moderator by the name of Storm who will lull you into a false sense of security before sending you off into the stark unknown, where you will stumble unwittingly across an area by the name of the Off Topic Forum. But, newbies, do not be deceived. Beneath the seemingly fun-filled exterior lie horrors you cannot possibly imagine. The 'OTF', or the lovingly labelled 'Bum-hole of KMC', is trolled continuously by idiots with no real life to speak of and an insatiable lust for filling our beloved forum with 'Utter Crap'. Repetetive threads, Anti-PG13 Wars and Practically Pornographic Presentations of Pap await you here.

Should you decide to venture beyond the boundaries of the KMC Toilet (another fond name for the OTF), assuming you make it out alive, you will come across an area entitled the General Discussion forum. Here you will find dramatic debates dealing with political, religious, philosophical and general issues. If you have the confidence to post, please make sure that your posts are relevant. If not, be prepared to be flamed, bashed, beaten, shredded and subsequently outcasted from the GDF by the resident powers that be; the likes of Alpha Centauri, Victor Von Doom, PVS and Bardock42. Make no mistake, these members are extremely powerful opponents. I speak from traumatic experience *shudders*


The forum is owned by an Administrator by the name of Raz. This rather debonair gentleman runs the entire forum and every single member answers to him. For your own safety, I suggest you ensure you do not incur his wrath, else your days at KMC will be severely numbered.

Raz is flanked by a sturdy defence. Global Moderators hold the responsibility of making sure the forum runs as smoothly as possible. They can delete any posts they feel are inappropriate, as well as threads, issue temporary and PERMANENT bans. They are as follows;

Moderators are the lower rank, and each has the honour of running only the part of KMC assigned to them. They go by the names of Captain REX - Star Wars Versus and General Fiction, Dusty - Movie Discussion, Movie Trivia, Sci-fi, and DVD Talk, Deathblow - Music Discussion, Dexx - Sports Forum, Digimark007 - Comic Book Versus and Comic Book Movies, Gundark - Star Wars, Lana - Computer/Video Games Discussion, Mechmoggy - Star Wars, Queeq - Star Wars, Roguepw25 - Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean, silver_tears - Stars & Celebs and James Bond and, finally, Tron - Comic Book Versus.

Additional Info

A message of warning, however, for any trolls/spammers/blatant morons out there. It might be prudent, if you are forming ideas of registering, to steer clear for the foreseeable future. KMC is rather volatile at the moment. You will be mutilated beyond belief if you even think of desecrating the forum. Bashing st00pid n00bs is all we live for, it's like an addiction, man.

This uninformative and biased peek into the world of KMC Living has been brought to you by the Lady Syren. All rights reserved.

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