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Flea Circus

Win a Long Game on Abusement Park on Normal Difficulty.

Dog and Pony Show

Win a Long Game on Abusement Park on Hard Difficulty.

3 Ring Circus

Win a Long Game on Abusement Park on Suicidal Difficulty.

On Top of the Big Top

Win a Long Game on Abusement Park on Hell on Earth Difficulty.


Kill the "Ring Leader"(Circus Patriarch)

Sparing with a Master

Kill a Circus Gorefast with a Melee weapon.

Assistant Homicide

Kill 2 Circus Stalkers with a Melee weapon to the back in one wave.

Seeing Double

Kill 5 Circus Crawlers with a Bullpup in one wave.

Clearing Clown Alley

Kill 5 Circus Bloats in one game.

The Big Hunt

Kill a Circus Scrake with a Crossbow.

Lifting a Dumbell

Kill a Circus Husk with a LAW.

Small Hands

Kill 3 Circus Clots in a wave with the Lever Action Rifle.

Elephant Gun

Land the killing blow on a Circus Fleshpound with a Pistol.

Juggling Act

Drop 5 different Tier 2 weapons in one wave.

Windjammer Enthusiast

Survive 10 seconds after being screamed at by at Circus Siren on Hard or above.

Taking Down the Big Top

Kill 4 Circus Zeds in 1 ZED time chain with a Melee weapon.

Burning up the Midway

Kill 10 Circus Clots with a Fire-based weapon.


Unlock 10 of the 13 Circus Achievements along with any Abusement Park achievement!

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