Kimiko Cleans Up is a Pokemon Puzzle League: The Series episode.


  • When there's a mess in the house going on, Kimiko puts on her pink rubber gloves and starts doing the job. Note: Kimiko is wearing her The Year of The Green Monkey outfit.


  • Kimiko


Part 1

  • (We see Kimiko prepping up for cleaning)
  • Kimiko: It's so perfect. I'm ready to clean.
  • Lisa: There's a mess in the house, big sister.
  • Kimiko: (giggles) Never mind, Lisa. (sees the mess) My house!
  • Lisa: You should wear your rubber gloves.
  • Kimiko: Okay. I better start cleaning.
  • (Kimiko puts on her pink rubber gloves)
  • Kimiko: All ready.
  • Lisa: I'm watching you.
  • Kimiko: Thanks, Lisa.
  • (We see Kimiko finding the dirty dishes)
  • Kimiko: Those dishes look very nasty. I better wash them rapidly.
  • (Kimiko cleans up the dishes in time lapse mode)
  • Kimiko: All clean! What's next?
  • (Kimiko ventures into the bathroom which has suddenly turned dirty)
  • Kimiko: My bathroom is all dirty. Well, with my rubber gloves on, i better clean it up.
  • (Kimiko cleans the bathroom in time lapse mode)
  • Kimiko: All cleaned up! Now for my next target, do the laundry.
  • (Kimiko comes in the laundry room and washes up her outfits in time lapse mode)
  • Kimiko: Squeaky and clean! Now the garbage.
  • (Kimiko arrives outside and finds a lot of trash)
  • Kimiko: Phew! Smelly! Hand me that green gas mask, Lisa.
  • (Lisa gives the green gas mask to Kimiko)
  • Kimiko: Thanks. (puts it on) All right, time to get rid of the garbage!
  • (Kimiko cleans up the trash in time lapse mode)
  • Kimiko: All finished. (removes the gas mask) It's so fun cleaning the house.
  • (Kimiko does the entire chores in time lapse mode, first she washes the windows, then she cleans up the living room, next she cleans up the garage, then she cleans up her room and finally she vaccums the floor while Barber of Seville overture plays)
  • Kimiko: The house is all clean! (removes her rubber gloves) Time to get some rest.
  • (Kimiko takes a nap)
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (

Part 3

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