Kimiko Tohomiko is one of the four Xiaolin Monks and the love interest of Emmitt Roswell appearing in Xiaolin Showdown and its spin-off Xiaolin Chronicles. She has pig-tailed black hair and blue eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a Red Kimono and black shoes. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle in Xiaolin Showdown, and by Jennifer Hale in Xiaolin Chronicles. At her age, she is 16 years old.


  • Tohru Tohomiko (Mother)
  • Toshiro Tohomiko (Father)
  • Hakone Tohomiko (Older Sister)
  • Emmitt Roswell (Love Interest)


  1. Being popular to Emmitt
  2. Doing her Judolette Flip signature move.
  3. Getting obsessed with Gwen Stefani


  1. Her father's zombie look
  2. Jack Spicer's antics
  3. Getting bossed about by Hakone

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