Kimiko Tohomiko is one of the main protagonists of Xiaolin Showdown. She has black hair with pigtails and blue eyes. She wears a red kimono outfit and black shoes. In school days, her Sizing Up Omi outfit consists of: a white and blue school uniform with a red ribbon on, blue skirt, red and black longstockings and black shoes. In costume parties, her Treasure of The Blind Swordsman outfit consists of: blue shirt with white long sleeves, a brown cowboy hat, black skirt and blue boots. In spring cleaning days, her The Year of The Green Monkey outfit consists of: green earrings, a green and purple shirt with short sleeves, white and green longstockings and green shoes. When sleeping at night, her pajamas consist of: purple pajamas with long sleeves. In casual days, her The Apprentice outfit consists of: a pink and yellow long sleeved shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. When going to the university, her Wu Got The Power outfit consists of: a blue shirt with a skeleton on it and purple and black long sleeves, black skirt and blue shoes.


  • Toshiro Tohomiko (Father)
  • Kari (Older Sister)


  • Hanging out with Mikey.
  • Wearing all of her episode outfits.
  • Doing spring cleaning.


  • Losing.
  • Getting busted.
  • Having Mistakes.

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