This is the screen test for What if King George and the Ducky was produced by Bagdasarian Productions and made in 1981? (VF2000's version) made in October 14, 1975, around the time of disco stars.


  • (Kingdom music plays. It is a warm afternoon on a Spring. Sound effects of birds chirping, and winds blowing are heard. A king sits on his throne, with a rubber duck. His servant makes a raspberry noise. The king hits his head on the throne. Electric buzzes are heard. The king wheels his bust around, revealing his servant.)
  • King George (with a voice eerily similar to The Lone Ranger): Hey, pal. What're you doing?
  • Louis: I'm your servant. Yes, I always correct your grammar.
  • King George: I think it sounds perfect. Say, yas, say, yas, say, yas, say, yas, (chipmunk voice) say, yas. (normal voice) You weren't thinking of doing this. I remembered this from "Tales from the Crypt".
  • Louis: Really?
  • King George: I gotta go take my bath.
  • Louis: I really want you to lead your troops into battle! (door slam) Errrr... maybe not.
  • King George: I'll never forget that day. "Tales from the Crypt" was once a good television show.

Fun Facts

Real-World Reference

  • King George mentions the HBO show "Tales from the Crypt".

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