its okay kong you'll be safe here

come back you idots

you men pick up the blue key break down the door

down at last

citizents of toy town

darth vader has pursacuted our pepole freinds of of toy land

and now he has declaired war of toyland itself will we allow it?


look down is that

the ploice man

mr plod!

punches the storm trooper in the chest dwan throws a rock on the storm troopers head

c 3 p o drops a little rock on the storm troopers helmet

oops sorry sorry says c3po

r2d2 making putting feul

in the bi plane starts flying shooting bulliets at the stormtroopers


bullding a wepon to

im free im free squidward falls into a mud dang it

dwan pulls the anchor all the storm troopers fall in

r2d2 pushing

the bike ame ame fire they panic are you sure thats how its works?

the door smashes them

""works 'for me""

bumpy dog sit

the bumpy sits on the stormtroopers head

ow ow get of me!

fly my prettys fly fly

all winged monkeys fly

watch out!

all storm troopers running from the wing monkeys

put your backs into it!

r2d2 using a candall to put fire in the pot

c3po r2d2 and yoda pulls

the rope

dwan pulled

lava came spilling down toytown and all storm troopers running from the lava

we did it kong we beated the storm troopers back! come and see! wake up kong your safe now dwan sobbing

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