King Of The Road UK VHS is a featuring one rubbadubbers episode one tugs episode ten thomas and friends episode and one dream street episode and one cars toons episode and two make way for noddy episodes and four tom and jerry episodes one the wombles episode and four busy buses episodes and three ivor the engine episodes and three casey jr episodes and five talking friends episodes and three bob the builder episodes and three fimbles episodes and two bolts and blip episodes and one percy the park keeper episode and two london 2012 mascots episodes and two kipper episodes and toy story 1995 movie and one the brave engineer and two dog and duck episodes and one tractor tom episode four turbo fast episodes and two brum episodes and four tayo the little bus episodes and three Rosie and Jim episodes and one jay jay the jet plane episode and one postman pat episode and 20 songs.
King of the road - DVD


  1. King Of The Road (Dream Street)
  2. Rainbow rescue (London 2012 Mascots)
  3. Brum and the runaway train (Brum)
  4. Tom after Tom (Talking Friends)
  5. Rescue Squad Mater (Cars Toons)
  6. Sammy the Acrobatic Bus (Busy Buses)
  7. Train Driver Tubb (Rubbadubbers)
  8. A Job for Buzz (Tractor Tom)
  9. Bulgy (Thomas and Friends)
  10. Stephanie loses Her nerve (Busy Buses)
  11. Cue Ball Cat (Tom and Jerry)
  12. Oliver Owns Up (Thomas and Friends)
  13. Toots and The Coal (Casey Jr)
  14. Attack of the tech (Talking friends)
  15. The Treasure is Mine (Tayo the Little Bus)
  16. Colin Needs A Bath (Busy Buses)
  17. Travis and Scoop's Race Day (Bob The Builder)
  18. A Close Shave (Thomas and Friends)
  19. Herky uses his head (Jay Jay the jet Plane)
  20. Beat-A-Fajita (Turbo FAST)
  21. Bluebell (Ivor the Engine)
  22. Rock the Catsbah (Talking Friends)
  23. Football (Rosie and Jim)
  24. The Magic Lamp (Kipper)
  25. Steve in Charge (Bolts and Blip)
  26. The Goblins and the Invisible paint (Make way for Noddy)
  27. Coal (Thomas and Friends)
  28. The Lost Engine (Ivor The Engine)
  29. Chet Gets burned (Turbo FAST)
  30. Turbo Stinks (Turbo FAST)
  31. Smelly Jelly (Fimbles)
  32. Foolf (Talking Friends)
  33. The Bowling Alley Cat (Tom and Jerry)
  34. Fish (Dog and Duck)
  35. High Tide (Tugs)
  36. Mega Snails (Turbo FAST)
  37. Susan Goes pink (Busy Buses)
  38. Duck Gets Lost (Rosie and Jim)
  39. Tee For Two (Tom and Jerry)
  40. The Railway (Ivor The Engine)
  41. The Flying Kipper (Thomas and Friends)
  42. My Fair Dee Dee (Bolts and Blip)
  43. Casey Jr. and The Missing Christmas Tree (Casey Jr)
  44. Thanks Cito (Tayo the Little Bus)
  45. Sledge Ride (Percy The Park Keeper)
  46. Train Stops Play (Thomas and Friends)
  47. The Magic Carpet (Kipper)
  48. Angry Parrots (Talking Friends)
  49. Bulldog (Thomas and Friends)
  50. Walt Disney (The Brave Engineer)
  51. Nuri's worst day (Tayo the Little Bus)
  52. Brum and the mower (Brum)
  53. The Phutt Phutt Whirr Machine (Dog and Duck)
  54. Casey jr. and Montana (Casey Jr)
  55. Triplet Trouble (Tom and Jerry)
  56. Travis Paints the Town (Bob The Builder)
  57. Jingly Hat (Fimbles)
  58. Adventures on a rainbow (London 2012 Mascots)
  59. Percy's Predicament (Thomas and Friends)
  60. Running Out Of Steam (The Wombles)
  61. Blue (Fimbles)
  62. Postman Pat and the runaway train (Postman Pat)
  63. Percy James and The Friutful Day (Thomas and Friends)
  64. Toy Story 1995 Movie
  65. Spud and Squawk (Bob The Builder)
  66. Steam (Rosie and Jim)
  67. Bowled Out (Thomas and Friends)
  68. Noddy Gets Lost (Make way for Noddy)
  69. Ants Ants Revolution (Turbo FAST)
  70. Shake that Tail (Talking Friends)
  71. One-Eyed Roger (Busy Buses)
  72. Hiccups (Peppa Pig)
  73. Planes 2: fire and rescue 2014 film
  74. Pedro's Cough (Peppa Pig)
  75. The Plank (Captain Pugwash)
  76. Finding Nemo 2003 film
  77. Tayo Gets lost (Tayo the Little Bus)
  78. RC Turbo (Turbo FAST)
  79. Susan Runs away (Busy Buses)
  80. Harry Gets Spooked (Busy Buses)
  81. Mummy Pig's Brithday (Peppa pig)
  82. Midnight Monstering (Dream Street)
  83. Furby island 200? movie
  84. Hot Air (Dream street)
  85. Sammy's New friend (busy Buses)
  86. Rest of the episodes coming soon.


  1. Really Useful Engine (Thomas and Friends)
  2. The Wheels go around (Barney)
  3. Go Go Thomas s16 (Thomas and Friends)
  4. I Know How The Moon must Feel (Thomas and The Magic Railroad)
  5. The Brae necessities (The Jungle Book)
  6. Thomas You're The Leader S13 (Thomas and Friends)
  7. Casey Jr. (Dumbo)
  8. Accidents Will Happen (Thomas and Friends)
  9. Jerry's Circus Fire Song (Tom and jerry)
  10. Noddy's Theme Song (Make way for Noddy)
  11. Working Together Again (King of the railway Thomas and Friends)
  12. Toots' Theme Song (Casey Jr)
  13. Engine Roll Call S17 (Thomas and Friends)
  14. Spot's Music Band (Spot's Musical Adventures)
  15. Searching Everywhere (King of The Railway Thomas and Friends)
  16. Down By The Station (Barney)
  17. Thomas We Love You (Thomas and Friends)
  18. That Snail is Fast (Turbo)
  19. Love Machine (Planes)
  20. On a rainbow (London 2012 mascots)
  21. Runway Romance (Planes 2: Fire & Rescue)
  22. Life's a treat (Shaun the Sheep)
  23. Beyond the Sea (Finding Nemo)
  24. Life is a Highway (Cars)
  25. Vroom Vroom Vroom (Tayo the Little Bus)
  26. The Bing Bong Song (Peppa Pig)


  • Narrated by Ringo Starr, Ross Hastings, Fred Quimby, Tonypilot and Michael Angelis.
  • The Dream Street intro nameplate sequence and the UK Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends outro used are together.


  • Bulgy, Oliver Owns Up, A Close Shave, Coal, The Flying Kipper, Percy's Predicament and Percy James and The Fruitful Day are Restored
  • Really Useful Engine with lyrics
  • Accidents Will Happen with lyrics
  • Casey Jr with dinsey lyrics
  • Thomas We Love You with lyrics
  • Noddy's Theme song with lyrics


Opening Credits

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Closing Credits

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