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From the early stages of her life, Her majesty the king was destined for greatness. Prophesized for centuries by ancient wisemen, she was born inside a shed, to the virgin Ruth and her husband Yan, humble yak farmers. From that day forth, October 17th was known as King Day, and remains so even now.

She grew up in the town formerly known as Shepton Mallet, or as its called now Valley of the Kings. It was this same town where she briefly (but not really) met Sunny Dhillon, later a serious threat to her regime.

Shortly after this, the great family moved to Burnham on sea, (which since Sylvie's rise to power has been rebuilt in pure gold) where Ruth and Yan incedently adopted one obese ginger son, Jonathan. This idiotic mistake was not to last, however. During the brief, most crazed stages of her reign, Jonathan and his 'gang' of opposition, (self-named 'the Gayboys') were mowed down by school children in a pro-Sylvie rampage. Jonathan was just 14.

School Life

During these stages, many people had begun to respect Sylvie, amazed and astonished at her incredible ideas. Her anti-France policies and cut downs on crime where just simple ideas at the time, but from these she gained many followers. Sure, they bullied and teased her, but eventually she bribed a child into becoming her friend, Rosanne Fisher whom as we all know later went on to become Immigration Officer, allowing anyone into the country- except the French. She also met Samantha Roberts. Impressed by her dance skills, she too became a follower, and eventually Head Primeminister of Wales.

In Secondary School she lay low for a while, becoming a master at her skills, slowly and quietly gaining increasing power. Here she met Sunny Dhillon again, not to mention some other gays, but nothing much happened.

Until college. By now, Sylvie was, lets say, the best. Everyone loved her, and her supreme skills quickly gained her votes as college president. This was not enough however, the people wanted more, so it was not long until she argued her way to primeminister, easily defeating the New Labour Party.

Early Reign

Following public demand, she shortly declared herself King. During her crusades across the land of Weston, Sunny Dhillon had become a good friend, although he had began to harbour deep jealousies of Sylvies popularity.

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