• The Little Mermaid clips.
  • The Brave Little Toaster clips.


  • Sebastian: I guest we can't assume was not him, right?
  • Ariel: Let's get back to work.
  • Eric: You got it!
  • Scuttle: (We hear a crying Flounder. Ariel pushes a long chair. King Triton pushes a Scuttle's rafter.) Sorry, for that interruption folks. The return to our regularly scheduled program at this time.
  • King Triton: What are you doing, Ariel?
  • Ariel: Just passing your time.
  • Eric: You shouldn't be lost, isn't it?
  • Thumper: Don't worry, King Triton. I call it!
  • Bambi, Thumper: I don't know.
  • Flounder: (There's coming back with the picture of "Eric" to seperate. Long pause, and finally cry loudly.)
  • King Triton: (sighs) Cry, cry, weep, wail and sob! It's disgusting! EVERY TIME I'M NOT WORRY HARD HIM! EVERY SINGLE THIS TIME... GIVE ME THAT STUPID PICTURE!!
  • Flounder: NO, NO!
  • Ariel: I'll just put it away!
  • Flounder: Help!
  • King Triton: In the garbage!
  • Flounder: No, you can't!
  • King Triton: Wimp!
  • Ariel: LET GO!
  • King Triton: He's not coming back anything!
  • Flounder: King Triton, let go!
  • King Triton: No, you!
  • Flounder: You!
  • King Triton: You!
  • Flounder: You!
  • King Triton: YOU!
  • King Triton and Flounder: ERIC!
  • Ursula: If you two can't share than nobody gets the picture of "Eric"! I'm calling the Police right now!
  • King Triton: This is so totally a mistake!
  • Sebastian: Are you all right, Flounder?
  • Flounder: Yeah, sure.
  • Scuttle: What happened?!

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