Version 1

  • Bobby as Phineas
  • Joseph as Ferb
  • Luanne as Candace
  • Peggy as Linda
  • Hank as Lawrence
  • Ladybird as Perry
  • Khan as Dr. Doofenschmirtz
  • Connie as Isabella

Version 2

  • Hank as Ferb (Hank and Ferb are both dim-witted)
  • Peggy as Vanessa
  • Bobby as Phineas
  • Luanne as Candace (Luanne and Candace can get annoyed at times)
  • Kahn as Albert
  • Minh as Professor Poofenplotz
  • Nancy as Jenny
  • Ladybird as Suzy
  • Bill as Buford
  • Dale as Baljeet
  • Boomhauer as Carl
  • Connie as Isabella (Connie and Isabella both are neighbors to Bobby and Phineas)
  • Joseph as Jeremy (Joseph and Jeremy both have names starting with "J")
  • Cotton as Major Monogram
  • Lucky as Django
  • John Redcorn as Coltrane

See Also

Phineas and Ferb/King of the Hill

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