Parody and remake of Kingdom Hearts

Land of Departure Paris France (102 Dalmatians)

Terra Little Dipper (102 Dalmatians

Ventus Domino (102 Dalmatians)

Aqua Oddball  (102 Dalmatians)

Master Erauqs Dipstick (102 Dalmatians)

Master Xehorant Sirius (The Starlight Barking)

Vantias Horseshoe

Young Xehorant August

Unversed Blotings (Epic Mickey series)

D Link(s) Little Dipper, Domino, and Oddball

Party Member(s) Little Dipper, Domino, and Oddball

Boss(es) Dipstick, orbs of light and August

World Theme Dig A Dig A Dog

Dwarfs Woodlands Anadalasia (Enchanted)

Snow White Giselle

The Prince  Edward

7 Dwarfs Pip and the animals

The Queen Narissa

Magic Mirrior Cauldron

D Link(s) Giselle

Party Member(s) Edward

Boss(es) Narrisa, Cauldron

World Theme Ever Ever Ather

Mysterious Tower Fort Jorgen (Fairly Oddparents)

Mickey Mouse Timmy Turner

Yen Sid Jorgen Von Strangle

Donald Wanda, Anti- Cosmo AJ, and Foop (Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda and Foop will be good in this)

Goofy Cosmo, Chester,  Mark, Anti-Wanda, and Poof (Timmy already told Chester and AJ about fairies, anti-fairies, and that Mark is an alien and Jorgen had allowed other people to know about magical creatures)

D Link(s) Cosmo, Chester, AJ, Wanda, Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Mark, Poof, Timmy Turner, and Foop

World Theme Jorgen's Polka

Castle of Dreams stays the same and will be based on A Twist in Time

Cinderella stays the same

Prince Charming stays the same and will have a bigger role

Jaq and Gus stays the same

Fairy Godmother will have a smaller role

The Grand Duke stays the same

The King stays the same

Lady Treamine stays the same

Drizzela stays the same

Anastasia stays the same and will reform near the end

Luficer stays the same will be turned into his human form

D Link(s) Cinderella  and Anastasia

Party Member(s) The Prince

Boss(es) Lady Treamine, Drizzela, and Luficer

World Theme Same

Enchanted Domian San Fransico (All dogs go to Heaven the series)

Auroa Anna -Marie

Philip David

Flora, Flauna, and Merrywather Charlie, Ichy, Annabelle, Sasha, and Bessie

Maleficent Belladona

Dragon Malficent  Red

Malficent's goons Fire Imps

Diablo Carface and Killer ( They will reform in Kingdom Hearts 3 the Dalmatian Version whitch will be based on An All Dogs Christmas Carol)

D Link(s) David and Belladona

Party Member(s) David

Helpers Charlie, Ichy, Annabelle, Shasta, and Bessie

Boss(es) Carface, Killer Belladonna, and Red

World Theme You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down

Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastian London England (101 Dalmatians)

Ansem the Wise Pongo (101 Dalmatians)

Braig/Xigbar Sigma

Young Kairai Penny

Kairai's Grandma Perdita

Dilan/Xaldin Zeta

Aleus/Leaxus Omega

Even/Vexen Orson

Ilenzo/Zexion Shadow

Isa/Saix Burai

Lea/Axel Archer

Scrooge McDuck Doug Dimmadome (Fairly Oddparents)

Merlin Dumberdole (Harry Potter)

Unknown/Xemmas Epsilon

Yuna Rikuu and Paine Vector, Charmy, and Espio (Sonic X)

Tifa Rouge (Sonic X)

Demx Spencer

Beast Mac (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)

Belle Goo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)

Chicken Little Johnny Test (Johnny Test he will join the others in their quest to find Patch, Cadpig and Timmy Turner)

Stitch Zim (Invader Zim)

Party Member(s) Litte Dipper, Domino. Oddball, Mac and Timmy Turner

Helpers Cream, Amy, Sonic, Shadow, and Rouge

Summon(s) Johnny Test, and Zim

World Theme Dalmatian Plantation

Boss(es) Horseshoe Sigma,  Little Dipper-Sirius, Patch, Carface, Killer, Belladonna, Red, Patch-August, Behomoth, Crocker, Epsilon, Metal Shadow, Spencer, and Data Patch

Summon(s) Chicken Little Johnny Test (Johnny Test )

100 Acre Wood  Rugrats Past (Rugrats)

Pooh Tommy

Piglet Chuckie

Rabbit Angelica

Tigger Phil and Lil

Eeyore Spike

Kanga Kimi

Roo Dil

Owl Susie

Gopher Edwin

World Theme Baby Baby

Disney Town/Castle Dimmsdale and Fairyworld (Fairly Oddparents)

Minnie Tootie

Chip and Dale Elmer and Sanjay

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Dale Dimmadome Tad and Chad

Daisy Veronica

Pluto Sparky

Horace Dwight

Brooms Fairy Guards

Captain Justice/Dark/Pete Crocker

World Theme A Millon Wishes

D Link(s) Crocker

Boss(es) Crocker

Toxic Wasteland Retroville (Jimmy Neutron)

Oswald Jimmy Neutron (He along wit Cindy, Goddard Carl, Sheen, Libby, and Beautful Gorgus will join Lucky and the others in Kingdom Hearts the dalmatian version)

Orsentisa Cindy Vortex

Mad Doctor Prof. Calmatious

Phantom Blot King Goobot

Blotings Yolkians

World Theme Go Jimmy Go

Party Member(s) Jimmy

Boss(es Calmitous, Yolkians, and Goobot

Olympus Colliseum/Underworld Townsville (Powerpuff Girls)

Zack Sliver the Hedgehog (Sonic)

Hercules Blossom

Phil Buttercup

Cloud Shadow (Sonic)

Peagus Bubbles

Meg Dexter (Dexter's Lab)

Hades Him

Auron Knuckles (Sonic)

Pain and Panic The Amobea Boys

Cerberus The Rowdyruff Boys

Hydra Roach Coach and his Roaches

Rock Titan Earth Monster

Ice Titan /Colasus Evil Snowman

Sepiroth Metal Shadow

World Theme That's What Girls Do

Party Member(s) Sliver Blossom, Shadow, and Knuckles

Helpers Blosom Buttercup, Dexter, and Bubbles

Boss(es) Sliver, Him, Evil Snowman, Shadow, The Rowdyruff Boys, Earth Monster, Roach Coach, and Crocker

D-Link(s) Sliver

Deep Space Irk (Invader Zim)

Stitch Zim (Like Jimmy he along with GIR , Dib, Gaz, and Prof. Membrance will join the heroes in Kingdom Hearts 2 the dalmatian version)

Grandcouncil Woman Almighty Tallest

Gantu Skoodge

Jumba Prof. Membrance

Sparky GIR

World Theme Invader Zim Theme

D-Link(s) Zim

Party Member(s) Zim

Boss(es) Gir and Skoodge

Neverland Dunwn (Gummi Bears)

Slighty and Cubby Sunni and Cubby

Peter Pan Zummi

Tinkerbell Gruffi

Tick Tock Sea Monster

Wendy Calla

Captain Hook Duke Igthorn

Mr.Smee Toadworth

Pirate Crew Ogres

World Theme Gummiberry Juice

D-link(s) Zummi

Party Member(s) Zummi

Summon(s) Gruffi

Boss(es) Zummi, Igthorn and Horeshoe

Destiny Islands Cherry Tree Farm/Dearly Farm/Gruely (101 Dalmatians 2 and the Series)

Young Sora Lucky (1961 version)

Young Riku Patch (1961 version)

Kairai Cadpig

Sora  Lucky (series verison)

Riku Patch (2003 version with a bit of series and novel versions mixed in)

Tidus Avenger

Sephie Pepper

Wakka Tripod

Ansem Anubis

Young Xehorant August

Extra(s) with Lucky Rolly, Spot, Dipstick(series verison), Whizzer, Two-Tone, and  Mooch (Mooch will not be a bully in this)

Sora's mother Missius

Party Member(s) Patch and Mooch

Boss(es) Avenger, Pepper, Tripod, Mooch, Patch, Darkside, Angubis and Plankton

World Theme I'm Seeing Spots

Heartless themselves

Keyblade Graveyard Central Park (The Starlight Barking)

D-Link(s) Horseshoe

Party Member(s) Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron

Boss(es Horseshoe, Sirius, Little Dipper-Sirius, Sigma and Domino-Horseshoe

World Theme Song of Resistance

Traverse Town Station Square (Sonic X)

Cid Chris's Grandfather

Leon Sonic

Yuiffe Amy Rose

Aerith Cream

Pongo and Perdita Tramp and Lady (Lady and the Tramp)

Dalmatians Puppies Annete Dannielle Collete Scamp and Ange

Jimminy Cricket Tommy (Robot Boy)

Pinochio  Robot Boy (Robot Boy)

Geppetto Prof. Moshimo (Robot Boy)

Moogles Chaotix

Beat Mario (Mario)

Shyiki Peach (Mario)

Rhyme Lugi (Mario)

Simba Littlefoot (The Land Before Time series)

Bambi Eliza Thornberry (The Wild Thornberries)

World Theme Sonic X Theme Song

Party Member(s) on all worlds Chester, AJ, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Anti Cosmo, Anti Wanda, Foop, Marck Chang, and Jimmy Neutron

Boss(es) Sonic, and Guard Armor

Wonderland Underland  (Alice in Wonderland 2010 version)

Alice Alice Kingsleigh

Doorknob same

White Rabbit Tim Burton Version

Chersie Cat Tim Burton Version

Queen of Hearts The Red Queen

Card Soliders Tim Burton Version

World Theme Alice's Theme

Boss(es) Card Soliders, Red Queen, The Jabberwocky, and the Trickmesiter

Deep Jungle Pupununu Village (Tak and the Power of Juju)

Tarzan Tak (He alonh with Jerra, Lok and Traloc will join the heroes in their quest)

Jane Jeera

Terk Linda the Sheep

Sabor Big Boss Juju

Kerchak The Chief

Kala Slog

Gorillas Pupununu Tribe

Clayton Traloc

World Theme Tak and the Power of Juju theme

Party Member(s) Tak

Boss(es) Big Boss Juju, Traloc, and Stleath Sneak

Agrabah/Cave of Wonders Kauai Hawai/Turo (Lilo and Stitch based on the 627 episode and Leroy and Stitch)

Aladdin Stitch (he along with Gantu and Reuben will join Lucky and the others on their quest)

Jasmine Lilo

Abu Sparky

Carpet Red Cruiser

Genie Wishy Washy

Cave of Wonders Guardian Grand Council Woman

The Peddler Jumba

Jafar 627 Evile

Genie Jafar 628

Iago Gantu and Reuben (They will reform in Kingdom Hearts 2 the dalmatian version whitch will be based on Leroy and Stitch)

Party Member(s) Stitch

Summon(s) Wishy Washy

Boss(es) Pot Centipee, Grand Council Woman, Rueben, Gantu, Volcantic and Blizzard Lords, 627 Evile, and 628


Dumbo Krypto (Krypto the Superdog he will go with Lucky and the others on the quest)

Boss(es Paradise Cage

Helper(s) Patch

Summon(s) Krypto

Atlanica Bikini Bottom (The Spongebob Squarepants Movie)

Ariel Mindy

Flounder Spongebob and Patrick (they will along with Sandy Plankton and Squidward join Lucky and the others on their quest as the Nicktoon Unite Team)

Sebestain Squidward and Mr. Krabs

King Triton King Neptune

Prince Eric Triton

Ursula Plankton

Glut Dennis

Vannessa Dr. Peter Lanton

Floseatom and Jestam Karen and Spot

Party Member(s) Mindy Spongebob and Patrick

Boss(es) Dennis, Karen Spot, and Plankton

World Theme Now That We're Men

Halloween Town/Christmas Town Amity Park/Ghost Zone (Danny Phantom based on Reign Storm and Phantom Planet)

Jack Danny Fenton/Phantom (He along with Tucker Sam Dash Jazz Cujo Technus and Dani will go with the others on their Quest

Sally Sam Manson

Dr. Finsklestien Jack and Maddie/ Tucker Foley

The Mayor Vlad Masters/Tucker Foley

Zero Cujo

Lock Shock and Barrel Dash Dani and Youngblood (Dani and Dash  will reform and will accompany Danny and the others in their quest)

Oogie Pariah Dark/Vlad Plasmius/ Masters

Santa Claus Clockwork

The Experiment Technus

World Theme Danny Phantom Theme

Party Member(s) Danny and Sam

Boss(es) Dash Dani, Youngblood, Pariah Dark, Graveyard, Vlad Plasmius, and Technus

End of The World  Dog Star

Cheranbog The Destrucator (Wishology

World Theme Same

Boss(es) Behomoth,and The Destrunicator

Castle Oblivion De-vil Ville (101 Dalmatians the series)

Marxula Judge Dimmsdale De-Vil

Larxene Pulse

Namine Rebecca

Riku Replica Patch Replica

World Theme 101 Dalmatians Theme

Party Member(s) Chester, AJ, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Foop, Mark, Jimmy Neutron, Zim, Dib, GIR, Gaz, Prof Memberance, Tak, Jeera, Lok, Traloc, Krypto, Stitch, Cindy, Johnny, Sheen, Libby, Carl, Goddard, Beautful Gorgus, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Gary, Sandy, Plankton, Danny, Tucker, Sam, Dani, Technus, and Timmy Turner

Boss(es) Archer, Iota, Orson, Shadow, Omega, Patch Replica, and Judge Dimmsdale

Twlight Town  Gyspy Camp

Roxas Hesso

Hayer Bishop

Pence Kit

Olette Lid

Seifer Hotshot

Raii Mickey

Fuu Jakay

Vivi Carson

Setzer Crimson

World Theme Gyspy Theme

Boss(es) Bishop, Carson, Hotshot, Archer, and Crimson

Nobodies Heartbreakers

Organzation 13 Skayninians

The World That Never Was  Skaynina

Xion Nu

Luxford Swamp Rat

Beast's Castle Foster's (Foster Home for Imaginary Friends)

Beast Mac

Belle Goo

Lumiere Bloo

Cogsworth Mr. Herriman

Mrs. Potts Frankie

Chip Eduardo

Warrobe Madame Foster

Gaston Terrence

Lefou Red

Xaldin Sigma

Party Member(s) Mac

Boss(es) Mac, Red, Terrence, and Sigma

World Theme Foster's Theme

Land of Dragons

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