Kingdom Hearts/TUGS is a parody with TUGS sound and Kingdom Hears clips.


  • Sora as Ten Cents
  • Leon as Big Mac
  • Cid as OJ
  • Donald as Top Hat
  • Goofy as Warrior
  • King Mickey as Hercules
  • Roxas as Sunshine
  • Riku as Grampus
  • Ansem the Wise as Captain Star
  • Xemnas as Zorran
  • Axel as Zebedee
  • Xaldin as Zak
  • Saix as Zug
  • Demyx as Zip
  • Xehanort as Captain Zero
  • Kairi as Lillie Lightship
  • Yuffie as Sally Seaplane
  • Aerith as Pearl
  • Jafar as Burke
  • Hades as Blair
  • Hayner as Sea Rogue
  • Pence as Sea Rouge's Uncle
  • Sephiroth and Maleficent as Green Eyed Pirates
  • Pete as Johnny Cuba
  • Merlin as Coast Guard
  • Yen Sid as Messenger
  • Cloud as Boomer
  • Setzer as Lord Stinker
  • Vivi as Little Ditcher
  • Old Pete as Fire Chief
  • Jack Skellington as Billy Shoepack
  • Phil as Scuttlebutt Pete
  • Captain hook as Bluenose

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