Kingdom Hearts/Thomas is a Parody with Kingdom Hearts Pictures and Thomas The Tank engine and Friends sounds.


Version 1 (made by BassRockz and Dogwoman35)

  • Sora as Thomas
  • King Mickey Mouse as Edward
  • Kerchack as Henry
  • Beast as Gordon
  • Rabbit as James
  • Riku as Percy
  • Merlin as Toby
  • Goofy as Duck
  • Old Pete as Donald
  • Cloud as Douglas
  • Peter Pan as Oliver
  • Pete as Diesel
  • Kairi as Emily
  • King Triton as Hiro
  • Gaston as Spencer
  • Roxas as Arthur
  • Ansem as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Namine as Rosie
  • Yuffie as Mavis
  • Young Sora as Skarloey
  • Young Riku as Duncan
  • Young Kairi as Madge
  • Maleficent as Daisy
  • and more

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