Kingdom Hearts: Aqua's Adventures of 101 Dalmatians (1996 Live-Action Version)

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Kingdom Hearts: Aqua's Adventures of 101 Dalmatians is a 1996 Live Action Version remake of the Animated Version.



Quote 1:

  • Aqua: Wow! I'm in another world! [looks at the window] Wow. I'am a dalmatian puppy! With no spots! Uh-oh, human! I have to bark like a puppy. [barks]

Quote 2:

  • Aqua: [walks passed Pongo while barking]
  • Pongo: [barks]
  • Roger: [sighs] What a bad day at the Animal Kingdom.

Quote 3:

  • Larxene: There may be the antidote alright Horace and Jasper, you two dimwitts! Nonthing must be see through! [founds one] Oh! Here it is! "Every Animals who loose their strentgh, can be revived, only for humans to find the antidote." Antidote! [close the book, while still laughing] No fear of that! Aqua is already weaken. She'll never be strong.

Quote 4:

  • Aqua: [bark, then gulps]
  • Jasper: Aww. Give me the bag. Come on on.
  • Horace: Here.
  • Aqua: [growls, then team up the puppy to bite Jasper's hand, with sucessed]
  • Jasper: Come here you... [picks up the puppy] spotty little... dog! And you too you... [picks up Aqua]
  • Aqua: [wines]
  • Jasper: Unspotty little... dog! [then puts Aqua in the bag with the puppies]


  • Larxene guest stars work with Cruella De Vill.
  • In the intro, Aqua will be the human, but through out the movie, Aqua will be the dalmatian puppy without spots.
  • This is the remake off the animated version.

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