Kingdom Hearts: Mickey's Adventures in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a Crossover TV Series made by BrittalCroftFan and his friends.

Major Guest Stars:

  • Jiminy Cricket (with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy)
  • Pete and Maleficent (with MLP:FIM villains)
  • Heartless (with Pete, Maleficent, and MLP:FIM villains)

Season 1

Episode 1: Friendship is Magic (Part 1)


Quote 1
  • Mickey: I'm Mickey.
  • Donald: And I'm Donald.
  • Goofy: Nice, to meet you. I'm Goofy. What's your name, and who are you apprentice to?
  • Twilight Sparkle:
  • Mickey:
Quote 2
  • Nightmare Moon: Well well well, somepony who remembers me. Then you also know why I'm here.
  • Twilight Sparkle: You're here to... to...
  • Mickey: Master Xehanort! We were right about you, as well as Nightmare Moon!
  • Xehanort: All of this was decided. My twelve selves would welcome me here on this day, when I would return a complete person. It is the future that lies beyond my sight.
  • Mickey: Why are you doing this with Nightmare Moon?!
  • Xehanort: In ancient times, people believed that light was a gift from an unseen land by the name of Kingdom Hearts. But Kingdom Hearts was safeguard by its counterpart, the χ-blade. Warriors vied for that precious light, thus beginning the "Keyblade War". The violent clash shattered the χ-blade into twenty pieces— seven of light and thirteen of darkness. And the only real Kingdom Hearts was swallowed by the darkness, never to surface again. I once tried to create my own pure light and darkness to forge the χ-blade, but the attempt ended in failure. In my eagerness, I had lost sight of the correct way to achieve my goal. I acted rashly. I can admit that now.
  • Mickey: What you did back then, your mistakes, change the destinys of three of my friends!
  • Xehanort: Ah, but destiny is never left to chance. I merely guided them to their proper place. The broken boy who failed to be the blade... the misguided master who sacrificed herself for a friend... and the feckless youth who became my new vessel.
  • Mickey: I could've find a way to save them. But I wanted to believe that their sacrifice stops you for good. Why? How as I so blind? I should have seen it, as soon as Maleficent started gattering the six ponies of hearts.
  • Xehanort: Yes, they were all my doing. I used the evil fairy to find six pure lights for me soon, just as I prepared thirteen vessels to fill with pure darkness. However, I have not abandoned my ambitions— the six guardians of light and the thirteen seekers of darkness.
  • Mickey: Six guardians of light? Well, for keyblade wielders, theres me, Riku, and Sora, and my three missing friends; that's six. [gasps] And that means, the thirteen seekers of darkness...
  • Xehanort: Yes little king, perceptive. But Twilight Sparkle will belong to me soon. And that'll puts you three guardians short. But worry not, all of the pieces are destined to appear. Your six lights just like my thirteen darknesses, whose final clash will beget the prize I seek ---- (witch Mickey) The X-Blade.
  • Twilight Sparkle: [gulps]
  • [Black Powder music begins]
  • Nightmare Moon: [chuckle] Remember this day, little ponies, for it was your last. From this moment forth, the night will last forever! [laughter, thunder]
  • Xehanort: Right. And of course, the thirteen darknesses shall be united. All the seats have been filled. And now the last vessel shall bear my heart like the rest.

[To be continued...]


Episode 2: Friendship is Magic (Part 2)


Quote 1
  • Mickey: Are you all right, Twilight Sparkle?
  • Twilight Sparkle:
  • Mickey: It's a good thing Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy catch you in time.

Episode 3: The Ticket Master


Quote 1
  • Mickey: I don't know about The Grand Galloping Gala, but it's gonna sounds fun.
  • Donald: Yeah, just like before.
  • Goofy: Say, do you fellers think, that maybe the it'll be ready soon?
  • Twilight Sparkle:

Episode 4: Applebuck Season


Quote 1
  • Applejack: How many times do I gotta say it? I don't need no help from no pony!
  • Mickey: Um, Applejack...
  • Applejack: Don't need no help from no mouse neither!
  • Twilight Sparkle: She's as stubborn as a mule. No offense.
  • Mule: None taken.

Episode 5: Griffon the Brush-Off


Quote 1

Season 2

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