Kingdom Hearts: Mickey's Adventures of The Jungle Book (1994 Live-Action) is a remake from the 1967 version of the same name.



  • Captain William Boone: [holding up a weapon] This is a personal favorite of mine. Y'all thrust it into your opponet's belly like that, see? And then y'all twist it a little and rip out his stomach.
  • Mowgli: And then do you eat him?
  • Mickey: Ya, like that? [eating chicken]
  • Captain William Boone: No, of course not.
  • Mowgli: Does he want to eat you?
  • Mickey: Ya. I don't do that.
  • Captain William Boone: Why, no.
  • Mowgli: Then why kill him?
  • Mickey: Ya. What kill him just like the heartless? [holding his keyblade]
  • Donald: [holding his mega-stick staff]
  • Goofy: [holding his shield]
  • Captain William Boone: Because he's your enemy.
  • Mowgli: What is enemy?
  • Captain Willaim Boone: Someone you hate.
  • Mowgli: What is hate?
  • Fifi: [came into the room] Come on, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and, Mowgli, maybe we should leave.
  • Mickey: Sure.
  • Mickey's Keyblade: [disappears]
  • Mickey: Bye, Captain. [leaves with his friends]


  • Fifi (from Beauty and the Beast) guest star in this film.

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