Kingdoms Of Man

The race of Man has scattered into varying (and sometimes warring) kingdoms, in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Past Universe.

The Monarchy Of Galial

The Monarchy Of Galial (MoG) is the largest Human empire in the West, with the Far Sea and the Outlands marking its traditional borders. Galial is both the name of the realm’s capital city and its first ruler, known today as the God-Emperor Galial. Its history stretches back some four thousand years, after the land was taken from a since vanished race known as the Sirei, but whose artefacts and practices form the basis of much of Galialian science and society. The ruler of Galial bears the title of Emperor, and the position can be both elected and hereditary. In either case, the Emperor (or indeed, Emperoress) rules from the moment of their crowning to their death, which in the long history of the Kingdom, seems more likely at the blade of a conspirator, than the grace of old age. The Emperor is the traditional head of the Kingdom’s armed forces, and is seen as equal to many religious leaders within the many religions of the land. There have been attempts for a singular, unified state religion, but this has often met with civil war. Each Emperor is expected to keep their religious affiliation secret, but most of those that have announced their beliefs have belonged to the Synod Of Man.

Provinces Of Galial

  • Helston (Capital: Cabal Port) The Province Of Helston is the smallest of all the major Galial Provinces. It does, however, lie on the coast beside the Far Sea in a massive sheltered port, and as such has a large transient population. It is infamous for its ‘questionable’ reputation, and peoples from Helston are regarded as untrustworthy characters.
  • Suinea (Capital: Lor)
  • Reiksto (Capital: Hchellberg)
  • Platera (Capital: Jojha)
  • Klavera(Capital: Caruya)
  • Haeland (Capital: Dasville)

The Fiefdom Of Kim Yo Sa

The Fiefdom of Kim Yo Sa is scattered across the vast tropical jungles of the South. Each of the Provinces within are the domain of the ruling Lord and his tribe, with the land tended to by those under his protection. Each of the Lords are, in turn, subjects of the Celestial Man, their primary God that communicates to them through his caste of warrior-priests. The Fiefdom is, ultimately, a Theocracy, as the religious temples hold complete sway over the Lords and their Provinces.

Provinces Of Kim Yo Sa

The capitals of the Provinces of Kim Yo Sa share their name with their respective provinces (so, the capital of Su-Fa is Su-Fa)

  • Yong-Tu
  • Su-Fa
  • Jong-Po
  • Ui -La

The Colonies Of Jdiin

The people of Jdiin live in the far North of the world, on the coasts of the Great North Sea. They have the bitterly cold sea on one side, and the mercilessly hot deserts to the other. Their Provinces are scattered more than any other human Kingdom, as many Jdiinians have wandered the seas and founded new territories on distant islands. It is said that not even the Jdiin themselves know how many of their people are scattered across the sea. The Colonies of Jdiin have a largely democratic system of government, and each Colony is seen as a self-sufficient state, responsible for its own defence and affairs. There does exist royal families, but they largely hold a symbolic and ceremonial role and wield little political power. The people of Jdiin have no formal standing army, but in times that require a large armed force, the people will send men from the body of their own defence forces.

Provinces Of Jdiin

  • Aramania (Largest colony. Capital: Ameriton)
  • Rahii Isles (Capital: Moore)
  • Trepoiala (Capital: Tyrnaal)
  • Werkgh (Capital: Freegton Port)
  • Rnooja (Capital: Werlks Zan)

Kingdom Of Onas

The Kingdom Of Onas lies in the vast mountain ranges and deep valleys of the temperate East. They have little farmable land, and so trade for most of their foodstuffs with the valuable mineral resources that dwell in their lands, and also with their renowned Orghim Herds, which are prized across the lands. The Kingdom Of Onas has been ruled by a military leadership for the better part of two thousand years. The coup against the former royal family was performed under unknown reasons and methods, but since that day, the leader of the Onas Army has been crowned the King of the Kingdom. Onas is infamous for its Orghim Breeding Camps, and the nation breeds many of the species as labour for their mining operations and troops for their armies. Most are mindless and uneducated, but a scarce few that display fine breeding stock or admirable traits are educated as fanatical supporters of the Kingdom, and are often sent with Onas operations to ensure loyalty.

Provinces Of Onas

The ruling of each of the Provinces of Onas falls to the local military garrisons. As such, the Provinces have no real centre of government.

  • Immanuel
  • Solias
  • Raphael
  • Eros
  • Balthazar

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