The Island of Kingsmare' is a small island about 20 square miles. The island is believed to be rich with gold silver and the newly discovered cronflaia (Zoc). The island has a dead volcano in the center of the island that seems to be the home to a colony of some 24, 000 cats of all kinds from domestic short hairs to large tigers. The people of the island often treat the cats with great respect. Infact if a cat is harmed it will be admitted to the emergency room first in Marian culture. People and cats are seen at the same medical facilities.

The islands capitol is Inreatha, aboutthe size of New York City. It is the only settlement on the island, this is to not encroach on the domain of the cats.

Not much is know about the system of government, the leader of Kingsmare' is Kletonn Mephellarah.

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