The Kingsteigton Undead were people who had died and were brought back to life by Dark Magic. The man who brought them back from the dead was Robert Dorrington. He was able to bring them back to life in the year 2001 They had died in manys and were told to kill the Rivers and put a stop to them.

When brought back to life there was some affects some of them wasn't able to do the thing they could do before the died. Some of the effects were brain damage from the effects of a head injury.

The leader of them was Kim Knight who took charge of the rest of them and was in charge of killing off the Rivers. They only could be killed with River Rings which had the power to stop the magic that worked inside them. If a Kingsteigton Undead was hit in the forehead with a River Ring they would return to bones.

There names was made because of where they came back to live in the St Micheals Church in Kingsteignton which is in England.

One of there skills was to use black magic they also brought a demon back to life which was incased in stone they called it Joe Murdock

They were all killed by the Rivers in the summer of 2001 the last standing was Kim Knight who died in a house which was blown up to stop her however the River did not know that fire could not kill her and in 2006 Kim was found living in Glasgow she was found by accident when Scott Curtis with Steph Colledge and Primrose Windsor and Amy Wills had came for a day out and were sitting on a wall. She had wanted to try and turn her life around Scott Curtis wanted to finish her off but the rest of Rivers who did not fight her in 2001 wanted to give her another chance to change her life around Steph Colledge told her should she ever harm people again she would kill her.

Kingsteigton Undeads

Kim Knight

Dawn Davie

Angie Smith

Jessie Small

John Smith

Chan Barton

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