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Kipper and Tiger's parents are going out on a special date, and they get the meanest, bossiest babysitter of all....... Cheryl Stangewie! Kipper and Tiger are forced to brush their teeth, Wash their faces and read hard chapter books. Just then, Kipper thinks that if they sneak quietly downstairs, they will get to watch T.V. When Cheryl finds out that Kipper and Tiger are downstairs, she calls their parents and their parents say that they were in bed too early and it's OK to watch T.V. So Kipper and Tiger play Green Ugly Monster with Cheryl. But when it is dark in the house and Tiger cannot see, Tiger bumps into Kipper and thinks The Monster got him! Then Kipper, Tiger and Cheryl all laugh and their parents come home.


  • Kipper
  • Tiger
  • Cheryl (First appearance)
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Mouse (cameo)


  • A brief song for Purple People Eater can be heard while Tiger is running away from The Green Ugly Monster.
  • If the time was 6:00 and Kipper and Tiger had to go to bed, then that would be considered too early for them because they wouldn't really get to sleep.
  • Cheryl should not have shut the light out while they were playing Green Ugly Monster.
  • The fire in Kipper and Tiger's fireplace dissapears and reappears while Cheryl bosses them around.
  • A poster for Despicable Me can be seen in Kipper's and Tiger's room.
  • Cheryl should have been watching the boys while they were about to be leave their room.
  • A Winnie the Pooh doll can be seen on Tiger's bed.
  • Kipper has a doll of Eric Cartman from South Park on his bed.
  • Another poster with Kipper can be in Kipper and Tiger's room.

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