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  • Kipper
  • Tiger
  • Scarry (First Appearance)
  • Lollipop (First Appearance)
  • Mouse (cameo)
  • The Magic Frog (cameo)
  • Fluff (cameo)
  • Squeak (cameo)
  • Goldfish (cameo)
  • Pig (cameo)
  • Arnold (cameo)
  • Hedgehog (cameo)


Kipper is excited about getting a new dog until he finds out he is fierce and blood-thirsty. First, he tries to attack Kipper until they go for a walk. Scarry chases and growls at everyone he sees. Kipper then meets up with Tiger, then Scarry attacks him. But when Scarry meets Tiger's dog, Lollipop, the 2 fall in love with each other and Scarry stops chasing Tiger. But, after Scarry and Lollipop's relationship, Scarry has to be trained by Kipper. For a turn for the worst, Scarry starts attacking Kipper, ripping up his furniture and knocking over vases, glasses and lamps! Because of this, Kipper takes Scarry for 100 years at Obiedience School, and Kipper is rewarded with Lollipop, Tigers old puppy.


  • This episode is too scary for kids ages 2-4 but you can be 5-10 to watch this episode.


  • The leash on Scarry dissapears and reappears throughout the episode.
  • When Kipper goes into the pet store, a goldfish is in a square tank and two bluebirds are in one cage, but after Kipper leaves the pet store, the tank is rectangle, there is one bluebird and one of the cages is empty.
  • Tiger's dog, Lollipop makes a cameo at the pet shop, even though she wasn't introduced until later in the episode.
  • If Tiger were getting chased by Scarry, wouldn't Lollipop be running too?
  • In the subtitles, it is said that Jake bought Scarry, but he was not featured in this episode.
  • What is Mouse doing in the Pet Shop?
  • In a cameo of Pig and Arnold, there is a milk bottle on Arnold's lap, but in close-up of Pig and Arnold, the bottle dissapears.
  • After Scarry rips up a pillow, a vase has already been broken but in the next scene it is back together again.
  • In a scene with Scarry's leash on, it seems to be floating in mid-air.
  • When Scarry and Lollipop meet, there is a bow-tie on Lollipops head, but in the next scene it is on her collar.
  • When Kipper drives Scarry over to Obiedience School, he is wearing band-aids, in fact, Kipper would not have got the band-aids on that amount of time.
  • Why would Kipper have chosen Scarry for a pet?
  • Roly-Poly is absent.


  • Stock Footage from Pig's Present is used.
  • This is the first episode of Kipper:the Series.

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