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A creature named Chowder creeps into Kipper's house while he is asleep. In the morning, he notices him eating all the food in the refrigirator, Kipper decides to give Chowder breakfast, but he eats all the food at once! Chowder asks "Can I have a pool of chocolate fudge pudding?" Kipper gives him a cup of it, but Chowder thinks he should only swim in pudding. So he jumps on the table and he gets his shirt covered in chocolate pudding. Kipper says "You don't swim in it, you eat it." Kipper gives Chowder the last cup of pudding and Chowder chokes while he eats the pudding. Kipper decides to give him a cup of vanilla ice cream, Chowder refuses to eat it, and Kipper goes into the freezer and finds a whole batch of chocolate pudding. This gives Kipper an idea, he finds a tub and fills it with pudding, Chowder is now happy and wants to stay at Kipper's house.

Featured Characters

  • Kipper
  • Chowder (Debut role)
  • Mouse (deleted scene cameo)
  • Sock Thing (cameo)
  • Big Owl (cameo)


  • This Chowder's first appearance.
  • Stock footage from the Chowder episode "Brain Grub" is used.
  • After Kipper finds out Chowder has come into house, he yells in his normal Kipper voice.
  • Chowder does not seem to appear in many future episodes.
  • A deleted scene features Mouse eating a cookie crumb after Chowder drops it on the floor.
  • Stock Footage from The Little Ghost and a deleted scene from The Mouse is used.


  • It is said that Chowder refuses to eat the ice cream, but in the Chowder episode "The Thrice Cream Man" he enjoys it.
  • Some light stands appear in the beginning of the episode.
  • After Kipper goes into the fridge while getting the vanilla ice cream, the food that Chowder ate all reappears again.
  • In real life, if Chowder had jumped on the table he would have broken it, although in this episode he didn't.
  • How could six puddings possibly fill up a whole tub?


  • Chowder: Princess.............PANTYHOSE!!!!!!!!
  • Kipper: You don't like "Thrice" cream?

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