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  • Kipper the Dog as Randall
  • Tiger (Kipper) as Hank
  • Carpenter (from Alice in Wonderland (1951)) as Mark
  • Wakko Warner (Animaniacs) as Allen
  • Heimlich (from A Bug's Life) as George
  • Pumbaa (from The Lion King) as Harvey
  • Bo Peep as Michael
  • Sarge as John
  • Sarge's Soldiers as Steven
  • Rocky Gibraltar as Leo
  • Gumpers (from Pet Alien) as Eric
  • The Blue Racer as Neil
  • Diamondhead (from Ben 10) as Vince
  • Bolt as Holly
  • Gery Matter (from Ben 10) as Erin
  • Gabby (from Pet Alien) as Michael
  • arks (from Aliens in the Attic) as Joeseph
  • Little Bear as Jack
  • Snow White (Filmation Snow White Happily Ever After) as Randy
  • Swee'Pea (From Popeye) as Bruce
  • Hal (from WALL-E) as Mary
  • Kevin Levin (from Ben 10 Alien Force) as Tony
  • Becky (from Barnaby Bear) as Keith
  • Alien Dog (from Planet 51) as Tracy
  • Dinosaur as Various Squeeze Darrell
  • Aladar (From Dinosaur) Chosen Squeeze Shirley
  • Clefairy (from Pokemon) as Susan
  • Jetray (from Ben 10 Alien Force) as Craig
  • Daffy Duck as Morgan
  • Spidermonkey (from Ben 10 Alien Force) as Annie
  • Aku (from Samurai Jack) as Audrey
  • Terry (from Dinosaur King) as Lionel
  • Dinko (from Pet Alien) as Sam
  • Wildmutt (from Ben 10) as Timothy
  • Paris (from Dinosaur King) as Arnold
  • WALL-E as Marcus
  • Catbus (from My Neighbour Totoro) as Sarah
  • Totoro (from My Neighbour Totoro) as Mario
  • Wolverine and Beast (from X-Men) as Robert
  • Rouge (from X-Men) As Richard

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