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Heavy rainstorms have flooded Kipper's neighborhood, and Toby's railway, so they inspect a dam for any damage, and there is! So Kipper and Toby head back for higher ground. Tiger and Percy are waiting at the bridge for Kipper and Toby, and while they are crossing it, the dam breaks and the bridge he is on is swept away afterwards. Tiger tosses a rope for the two to tie to one of Toby's buffers and to one of Kipper's legs. Kipper and Toby are hauled to safety and there is a big party in the honor of them, hosted by Jake and Sir Topham Hatt.


  • Kipper
  • Tiger
  • Jake
  • Toby
  • Percy
  • Harold
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Pig (cameo)
  • Arnold (cameo)
  • Rheneas (cameo)
  • Bertie (cameo)
  • Caroline (cameo)
  • Trevor (cameo)
  • Jem Cole (cameo)


  • This is the only Kipper episode to have a narrator.
  • UK Narrator: Martin Clunes/Michael Angelis
  • US Narrator: Alec Baldwin/Martin Clunes
  • The footage of Tiger racing after Kipper and pulling him to safety is sped up.
  • Stock Footage from "The Camping Trip" and the Hey Arnold episode: "The Flood" is used.
  • This is episode is a parody of the Thomas & Friends episode "Toby and The Flood".


  • Kipper should have been pulled to safety with the rope tied to the bridge.
  • How can Kipper and Toby be safe at last if he is still on the bridge in the water?
  • In the US narration, when Toby yells "Help!" He uses his old voice.
  • In the UK narration, the title is not shown in the intro.
  • In the UK narration, When the bridge is swept downriver Toby yells "Help! I'm going to-WHOA!"
  • Kipper could have walked off the bridge before it was swept away, but he just sat still on the bridge, allowing it to be swept downriver.
  • On the VHS/DVD release of Rainy Days and Water Play, the narration is out of sync.
  • In closeup of the sign that says "BEWARE THE WATERFALL" There's black spots.
  • In the UK narration, Toby yells "Help!" long before he is swept downriver.
  • Kipper is about to crash into the water, but he almost fell into it.
  • Arnold is asleep at the party.
  • The water in the river is red.
  • There appears to be small soap bubbles in the river.
  • When Kipper gets swept away on the wooden bridge, the bubbles in the river disappear, yet they reappear again when he starts to float and when he is rescued by Tiger.
  • When the wooden bridge is swept away, the broken half of it is flooded, but when Tiger races by them, they are no longer flooded and the floodwaters appear to have lowered down.
  • How could Tiger possibly inspect the dam after Kipper was swept downriver when it had technically already collapsed?


  • Narrator: It had been raining hard for weeks. Toby was feeling miserable. Everywhere was wet, wet, wet. His branch line runs to a village. The water and the river had risen with the rain. Only the great wall known as a dam was stopping the water from overflowing. Percy and Tiger came to Toby and Kipper just as they were about to inspect the dam for any damage.
  • Percy: Tiger tells me it may be dangerous up there. Please be careful, you two.
  • Narrator: Said Percy.
  • Kipper: We'll try.
  • Narrator: Replied Kipper bravely. Percy and Tiger watched anxiously as Toby and Kipper trundled away. His journey took him over a wooden bridge at the end of the village. The river surged dangerously beneath it. Harold the Helicopter was inspecting the dam as Kipper and Toby arrived.
  • Kipper: Be brave Toby.
  • Narrator: Called Kipper.
  • Kipper: We had to cross to the other side.
  • Narrator: The dam did not look safe at all. Toby was very worried. And soon he knew why.
  • Kipper: The dam's breaking up! We must warn everyone!
  • Narrator: Toby shunted back with Kipper as fast as his wheels would let him. Tiger and Percy were waiting anxiously for Kipper and Toby to go across the bridge. The river had risen so high but the bridge was in danger of collapsing. Toby and Kipper arrived.
  • Kipper: The dam's breaking up. We must find high ground.
  • Narrator: Shouted Kipper.
  • Percy: Your only chance is to cross the bridge.
  • Narrator: Called Percy.
  • Toby: It doesn't look safe to me.
  • Narrator: Wailed Toby.
  • Kipper: It's our only chance.
  • Narrator: Said Kipper.
  • Kipper: If the dam breaks, we'll be done for!
  • Narrator: Toby and Kipper were halfway across the bridge when disaster struck.
  • Toby: Help!
  • Narrator: Called Toby.
  • [The bridge breaks apart]
  • Tiger: We'll follow him on our line. It needs the river further down.
  • Narrator: As Toby floated helplessly on the floodwaters with Kipper inside him, they passed a sign that made them shudder: "Beware The Waterfall".
  • Kipper: If we go over that waterfall, we're doomed.
  • Narrator: Then they saw Harold who swopped low and shouted urgently to them.
  • Harold: We're going to drop a rope to you. Attach it to yourself, quickly now!
  • Narrator: And they did, to one of Toby's buffers, as Kipper was still inside him. Just then, Tiger and Percy arrived. Harold flew over to them.
  • Harold: Catch the rope and pull Toby to safety!
  • Narrator: Toby and Kipper were safe at last. When the floods were over and the dam mended, the villagers had a big party for Kipper and his friends, hosted by Jake and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Jake: You are very brave, you two.
  • Kipper: Thanks to Harold, Jake.
  • Narrator: Kipper replied.
  • Tiger: I could never been so brave, Toby.
  • Toby: Oh, I'm sure you would be, but you never know till you've tried.
  • Narrator: Tiger rather hoped he never have to.
  • (Kipper and The Flood ends)

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