Kira Cross
Kira Cross
Kira Cross, holding a gun and a stack of Canadian money (C$50 bills), and standing on a sack of money (C$100 bills).
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'11" (180.3 cm)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Race Caucasian
Blood type O
Birthday May 9th, 1978 (Taurus)
Birthplace Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hometown Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Affiliation(s) Omega Order
Language(s) spoken
(excluding English)
Flag of the United Kingdom English (UK)
Flag of Canada French (Canada)
Name in Other Languages
Flag of Russia Russian Кира Кросс
Flag of Greece Greek Κίρα Κροσς
Flag of Japan Japanese キラ・クロッス
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese
宋冥玉 (Sòng Míngyù)
Flag of South Korea Korean 키라 크러스
Flag of the Arab League Arabic كيرا كروس
Flag of Israel Hebrew קירא קרוס
Flag of India Hindi कीर करौस

Kira Cross is a cat-burglar from Canada who has been employed as a bodyguard and henchwoman for Morgana Rubanenko, leader of the Omega Order.

Kira has not yet appeared in the Sapphire series.


Due to a brain injury sustained during a heist gone wrong, Kira has lost some of her senses, most of all touch. This disability allows her to withstand great amounts of pain. She is sometimes seen holding a ball of burning cloth with her bare hands or sunbathing on a bed of nails, mostly to annoy her boss and friend Morgana.

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