1. Kirby Goes To Dreamland

2. Knuckle Joe's Ice Cream Shop

3. Kirby Saves the Day

4. King Dedede and the Missing Key

5. Kirby and the Runaway Cloud

6. Adeleine and the Missing Paintings

7. Meta Knight Meets Mace Knight

8. Lovely's New Home

9. The Crystal Factor

10. Kirby and the Beanstalk

11. Prince Fluff's Train

12. Kirby Makes Lunch

13. The Ice Factor

14. Kirby's Show and Tell

15. Waddledee's Apple Tree

16. Kirby Needs A Plan

17. Snacks For Kirby's Friends

18. Kirby's Easter

19. Fololo and Falala Goes to the Movies

20. Kirby's Missing Egg

21. The Fire Factor

22. Waddledee Goes to the Beach

23. Kirby's Halloween

24. King Dedede's Hammer

25. Tiffle and Tuffle

26. Little Red Ribbon Hood

27. Kirby's Hot Dog

28. Kirby Goes to the Carnival

29. Knuckle Joe Takes A Nap

30. Adeleine and His Friends Goes to the Resturant

31. The Freeze Machine

32. Kirby's Thankgiving

33. Kirby's News

34. Fololo and Falala Visits Skytopia

35. Kirby and the Train

36. Revenge Of Kracko

37. Prince Fluff's Court

38. Kirby Goes to the Store

39. Knuckle Joe Visits the Museum

40. Pitcher Man's Baseball Practice

41. Tamasan's Shape Searches

42. Sparky Misses His Friend

43. Grill and the Haunted House

44. Kirby Saves Grill

45. King Dedede's Gone

46. Meta Knight Saves Pitcher Man

47. Kirby's Submarine Star

48. Kirby Rides A Balloon

49. Ribbon's Balloons

50. Kirby's Bubble Gum Shop

51. King Dedede's Roast Meat Wish

52. Caramello's Computer

53. Kirby's Birthday

54. Sparky Visits At A Beach

55. The Three Little Hot Heads

56. Adeleine's Party

57. Count With Kirby

58. Kirby's Underwater Adventure

59. The Lightning Factor

60. Adeleine and the Cupcakes

61. Kirby: Fly to the Finish (Full Length)

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