• Commander Vee as Dory
  • Meta Knight as Marlin
  • Kirby as Nemo
  • Princess Rona's Father as Bailey
  • Princess Rona as Destiny
  • Kit Cosmos as Hank
  • Lady Like as Jenny
  • Sir Ebrum as Charlie
  • Keeby as Sheldon
  • Tuff as Tad
  • Tiff as Pearl
  • Prince Fluff as Kathy
  • Mr. Chip as Mr. Ray
  • Magolor as Crush
  • Marx as Squirt
  • Rick as Gill
  • Coo as Bloat
  • Kine as Gurgle
  • Chuchu as Deb
  • Gooey as Bubbles
  • Pitch as Jacques
  • Nago as Peach
  • Sword Knight and Blade Knight as Fluke and Rudder
  • Chef Nagoya as Gerald
  • Tokkori as Bill
  • Blocky as The Sunfish
  • Piglet and Roo (from Winnie The Pooh) as Carl and Tommy
  • Tick-Tock Jr. as The Chicken Fish
  • Red Kirby Yellow Kirby Green Kirby and Blue Kirby as The Otters
  • Slice n' Splice as The Giant Squid

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