• Kirby as Kevin McCallister (Kirby and Kevin are both main stars)
  • Pon as Harry (Pon and Harry are both twins to Con and Marv)
  • Con as Marv (Con and Marv are both twins to Pon and Harry)
  • Knuckle Joe as Old Man Marley
  • Sir Ebrum as Peter McCallister
  • Lady Like as Kate McCallister
  • Tiff as Megan McCallister
  • Escargon as Buzz McCallister
  • Ribbon as Linnie McCallister
  • Tuff as Fuller McCallister
  • King Dedede as Johnny McCallister
  • Nightmare as Hector McCallister
  • Lololo as Snake McCallister
  • Lalala as Susie McCallister
  • Galacta Knight as Vera Merchants
  • Garlude as Molly
  • Keeby as Alex Pruitt
  • Marx as Peter Beaupre
  • Sirica as Alice Robbins
  • Meta Knight as Burton Jernigan
  • Dark Meta Knight as Earl Unger
  • Princess Rona as Alex's Mom
  • Rona's Father as Alex's Dad
  • Chuchu as Molly Pruitt
  • Iroo as Stan Pruitt
  • Prince Fluff as Finn Baxter
  • Hana as Finn's Mom
  • Mayor Len Blustergas as Finn's Dad
  • Ribbon as Alexis Baxter
  • Professor Curio as Mason
  • Magolor as Hughes
  • Shadow Dedede as Sindair
  • Taranza as Jessica

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