• Kirby as Kevin McCallister
  • Rick as Harry
  • Coo as Marv
  • Iroo as Jeff McCallister
  • Spikehead as Rod McCallister
  • Lady Like as Mom
  • Sir Eburm as Dad
  • Ribbon as Sondra McCallister
  • Chuchu as Linnie McCallister
  • Tiff as Tracy McCallister
  • Tuff as Fuller McCallister
  • Knuckle Joe as Buzz McCallister
  • King Dedede as Hector McCallister
  • Nightmare as Johnny McCallister
  • Meta Knight as Cedric McCallister
  • Galacta Knight as Frank McCallister
  • Drawcia as Lesile McCallister
  • Lololo as E.F Duncan
  • Lalala as Mrs. Stone
  • Rona as Bird Lady
  • Silica as Fashion Model

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