• King Dedede as Horrid Henry (Both the main villains)
  • Kirby as Perfect Peter (Both the main protagonists)
  • Lady Like as Mum (Mum's voice suits Lady Like)
  • Sir Ebrum as Dad (Dad's voice suits Sir Ebrum)
  • Pon as Rude Ralph
  • Con as Mischievous Mike
  • Mabel as Moody Margaret (Moody Margaret's voice suits Mabel)
  • Sirica as Sour Susan (Sour Susan's voice suits Sirica)
  • Chef Kawasaki as Anxious Andrew
  • Ribbon as Gorgeous Gurinder or Clever Clare (Can't decide, both are beautiful)
  • Adeleine as Lazy Linda
  • Honey as Singing Soraya
  • Tiff as Prissy Polly (Prissy Polly's voice suits Tiff)
  • Escar-droid as Pimply Paul
  • Tuff as Goody-Goody Gordon
  • Meta Knight as Tidy Ted
  • Chris Thorndyke (from Sonic X) as Spotless Sam
  • Knuckle Joe as Aerobic Al
  • Sam Speed (from Sonic X) as Jolly Josh
  • Escargoon as Slimy Sammy (Shadow is a villain in Sonic X and the games)
  • Tokkori as Stuck-Up Steve

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