• Kirby as Malcolm
  • Knuckle Joe as Reese
  • Bun/Tuff as Dewey
  • Sir Eburm as Hal
  • Lady Like as Lois
  • White Kirby as Jamie
  • Iroo as Stevie
  • Gooey as Abe
  • Chuchu as Kitty
  • Ribbon as Evelyn
  • Robot Dog as Lloyd
  • Bonker as Dabney
  • Phan Phan as Lionel
  • Honey as Paima
  • Escargoon as Dave
  • King Dedede as Spangler
  • Rick as Francis
  • Coo as Stanley
  • Kine as Finley
  • Meta Knight as Eric
  • Galatic Knight as Drew
  • Dark Meta Knight as Joe
  • Dark Matter as Martin
  • Sirica as Lavernia
  • Pon as Artie
  • Con as Pete
  • Waddle Dee as Patten
  • Waddle Doo as Otis
  • Bomber as Richie
  • Spark as Otto
  • Marx as Donnie
  • Rona as Gretchen
  • Rona's Father as Stevenson

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