• Tiff as Maya
  • Kirby as Willy
  • Tuff as Sting
  • Knuckle Joe as Flip
  • Rick as Kurt
  • Commander Vee as Lara
  • Gooey as Shelby
  • Ribbon as Barry
  • Honey as Beatrice
  • Adeleine as Max
  • Kine as Philibert
  • Meta Knight as Paul
  • Sword Knight as Arnie
  • Blade Knight as Barney
  • Chief Bookem as Henri
  • Rouge (From Sonic) as Thekla
  • Chef Kawasaki as Momo
  • Lololo as Edgar
  • Lalala as Hannah
  • Galacta Knight as Vesper
  • Cream (From Sonic) as Syrphie
  • Lady Like as The Queen
  • Sir Ebrum as Judge Beeswax
  • Princess Rona as Miss Cassandra
  • Mabel as Molly
  • Mayor Len as Grandad Gragonfly
  • Sirica as Buzzlina Von Beena
  • Prince Fluff as Crawley
  • Escargoon as Hank
  • Waddle Dees as Hornets
  • King Dedede as Stinger
  • Pon and Don as The Wasps
  • Nightmare as Lord Beeswaxe
  • Wheelie Bike as Baby Blue-Bird

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