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Version 1

  • Kirby as Ten cents
  • Blue kirby as Big mac
  • Classic kirby as O.J.
  • Red kirby as Top hat
  • Tuff as Warrior
  • Lololo as Herucles
  • Prince Fluff as sunshine
  • Mayor of cappy town as Captian Star
  • King dedede as Zorran
  • Meta knight as Zebedee
  • Galacta knight as Zak
  • Blipper as Zip
  • Glunk as Zug
  • Marx as Captian Zero
  • Yin-Yarn as Johnny Cuba

Version 2

  • Kirby as Ten Cents
  • Tuff as Sunshine
  • Tiff as Sally Seaplane
  • Lady Like as Lillie Lightship
  • Torroki as Grampus
  • King Dedede as Bluenose (King Dedede and Bluenose are both blue)
  • Knuckles Joe as Puffa
  • Escargoon as Zug
  • Wacky Sam as Boomer
  • Waddle Dee as Lord Stinker
  • and more

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