Kirby/The Brave Little Toaster


Version 1 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Tuff as Toaster
  • Kirby as Blanky
  • Meta Knight as Radio
  • Knuckle Joe as Lampy
  • King Dedede as Kirby
  • Ganondorf (from The Legend of Zelda) as Air Conditioner
  • The Evil Clown as himself
  • Lady Like as Chris
  • Sir Ebrum as Rob
  • Tokkori as Young Rob
  • Dr. Eggman (from Sonic) as Hanging Lamp
  • Tiff as Maisie
  • Keeby as Ratso
  • Ribbon as Tinselina
  • Chuchu as Baby Robbie

Scene Index

Version 1

  • Part I: Opening Credits/Good morning!
  • Part II: Fun with Chores.
  • Part III: A car...
  • Part IV: Poor, Ganondorf...
  • Part V: "How We Gonna Travel?"
  • Part VI: "City of Lights"
  • Part VII: Hidden to the Meadow.
  • Part VIII: The Right Direction?
  • Part IX: Stuck in a Tree.
  • Part X: To the waterfall.
  • Part XI: "It's a B-Movie"
  • Part XII: The Jailbreak!
  • Part XIII: The Master!
  • Part XIV: "Cutting Edge"
  • Part XV: "Worthless"
  • Part XVI: A Brave Little Tuff/Ending credits

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