First film:

  • Kirby as Young Simba
  • Tiff as Young Nala
  • Meta Knight as Adult Simba
  • Princess Rona as Adult Nala
  • Lady Like as Sarabi
  • Sir Ebrum as Mufasa
  • King Dedede as Scar
  • Vanilla (from Sonic X) as Sarafina
  • Spikehead as Timon
  • Iroo as Pumbaa
  • Tokkori as Zazu
  • Melman as Rafiki
  • Knuckle Joe as Banzai
  • Sirica as Shenzi
  • Escargoon as Ed

Second film:

  • Honey as Young Kiara
  • Tuff as Young Kovu
  • Lololo as Adult Kiara
  • Lalala as Adult Kovu
  • Rouge (from Sonic X) as Zira
  • Kine as Nuka
  • Ribbon as Young Vitani
  • Everyone else, same as the first film
Third Film
  • Sally (from Sonic SATAM) as Timon's Ma
  • Uncle Chuck (from Sonic SATAM) as Uncle Max
  • Everyone else, same as the first film

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