• Kirby as Carl Johnson
  • King Dedede as Sean Johnson
  • Tiff as Ryder
  • Meta Knight as Big Smoke
  • Green Alien (from Galaxian) as Black Guy (wearing jacket black)
  • Red Alien (from Galaxian) as White Guy (wearing White Guy white shirt and pink shorts and Red Alien in blue leg)
  • Violet Alien (from Galaxian) as Pink Guy (aka Ped)
  • Black Alien (from Galaxian) as Aerial Police
  • Dark Blue Alien (from Galaxian) as Enforce Police (wearing the Blue Alien by green leg)
  • Young Link (from Zelda) as Dudydude
  • Ganondorf (from Zelda) as Frank
  • Adult Link (from Zelda) as Shrunk
  • Orange Alien (from Galaxian) as FBI Police

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