• Kirby: Aha, monsters, check. Easy guys that's so bad huh?
  • (Kirby roars, and wakes up Sonic scream. The holding the robot arm, the explodes a window, Amy scream. Going over to the elevator rode up.)
  • Kirby: Meta Knight, why am I here?
  • Meta Knight: Would you like to believe if I said whole world but the danger?
  • Kirby: Let me get back to you on that buddy!
  • (Kirby roars, and wakes up Tuff scream. The platform down, pushing spikes.)
  • Kirby: It looks like this weird busted machinery sort still of works.
  • (Kirby roars, and wakes up Dulcy scream. The build bridge cause making him crash.)
  • Tails: Heeeeeelp! Please!
  • (Kirby runs down to the floor, going over the elevator rode up.)
  • Kirby: So what this kind of Escargoon up to?
  • Meta Knight: It's bad really, Kirby! Rest the world, to crazy Dream Land! Expert the ram, to rest the world, and everything else well! (Kirby runs, stops) Uh-oh!
  • Kirby: Details, and my you should me and Tiff, thank you.
  • Meta Knight: Do you uh, (turns on the bad storm with the lightning strikes) do you uh, lightning strikes thing?
  • Kirby: Yeah, yeah, Mr No-Fun, lightning-strikes check, and there is goes.
  • Meta Knight: Not enemies, special monsters! Tougher the enemies, you'll need the power pellet!

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