Kiri Getragan is a graduate of the Academy of Magic, a summoner of black, red, and white mana. During her strengthening of mana, she was not involved in anything major associated with any academy plot or just random battles. She would take a duel here and there, occasionally issueing challenges to test her progress. Initially she was destined to in a way continue her father's (Abel Getragan's) work though without a whisper of a clue on what to do, she has basically abandoned the task until she receives a reason to continue.

Character Outline

One glance at the girl and you could tell who's child she was. Her blackened eyes and hair were a dead giveaway, as well as her facial features even though they were almost always halfway covered by her hair. When angered or in some cases just majorly annoyed, violet tints can be seen intruding into her pupils, a grim reminder of Abel's eyes. The same creepy look can be seen in them, especially if you knew the man who gave them to her. Her attire consists of very dark robes with many random cloth hanging from several areas of the outfit. Outside of the academy she usually has a sword hanging off of her back, though she has never left the academy as of yet. Judging from her attitude and her non-social ideals, its hard to know what she's thinking or her true intentions.


There is truly only a very small amount of history of Kiri Getragan. Her mother, Sakura Kitsune gave birth to her inside of Abel's hideout located on the plane of Kamigawa. Once born, she was taken to the academy under the care of her mother. Due to her being born through a ritual rather than a natural birth, her ageing was increased drastically. One day in the training arena with her mother, the ritual triggered and her instant ageing was initiated. In just a few seconds, she grew from just an infant to a full fledged 18 year old. After finding quick clothing, she merely walked off.

Afterwards she just trained everyday in the training arena. At first she spoke to nobody, not even her mother. Various people tried to tell her to acknowledge Sakura as her mother and eventually she did. Now the only person that she has relations with, they could be seen training together in the arena. Other than a talk and agreement with Owen Wilacoth, nothing else has happened to Kiri as of yet.

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