• Carl: The cebú, the cebú, whoa, I love the cebú.
  • Announcer: You love Silly Songs! That's why we're making "Kirk, Elliot Waterford and The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown". One video with the 10 Sillier Songs of All Time. But there's a problem: Which ten songs are the sillier and which one silly song is the sillier silly song of all time? "The Pizza Song"?
  • Robby: Oh where is my pizza?...
  • Announcer: "The Veggie Burger Song"?
  • John Fickle: 'Cause you're my veggie burger, my yummy veggie burger.
  • Announcer: "Billy Hackwick, Tonya Bec, Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue"?
  • Tomato Sawyer: Who's that guy?
  • Huckleberry Larry: I think it was Colonel Sanders.
  • Announcer: My, my! We can't decide! That's where you come in. We need you to use the card that came in this video, or visit us on our website to vote for your favorite Silly Songs! We'll be collecting votes until June 13th, and the results of the voting will determine the songs to appear on: "Kirk, Elliot Waterford and The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown", the dream video of every Silly Songs fan hosted by everyone's favorite mischief-makers: The Pirates Who Don't Have to Do Everything! So don't delay. Send in your card today because your vote counts. Also, call 1-800-SILLY-SONGS, and say "I saw the Sillier Silly Songs of All Time, because the first 10,000 people to pre-order the Kirk, Elliot Waterford and The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown video will get a 10-dollar discount!" And that's a smart start for your Silly Insanity Song collection.
  • Pirate Alvin: Oh the kids are gonna love that!

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